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  • Construction of main gas pipeline
    - from Valve
    Station 5 to Negotino


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  • Construction of main gas pipeline
    Klechovce -Stip
    Valve Station BVS 6 Ø700


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  • Assembly activities on system for
    coal excavation,
    in TPP Plevlja, Montenegro


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  • Making the hot taps with special
    HOT TAP mashine under pressure

    Connection on GAMA’s A.D Skopje transmission gas pipeline system with hot taps with gas presence (DN50 ÷ DN 400)


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  • Machine-assembly activities on
    gas installation for gas boiler

    - SUGS “Georgi Dimitrov” - Skopje
    - SUGS “Zdravko Cvetkovski” - Skopje


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  • Machine-assembly activities
    on heat pipeline with pre
    insulated pipe DN 350/DN 600

    Settlement Avtokomanda Skopje - 1480 m’
    Branch Energetika Skopje - 3170 m’


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  • Electro-mechanical assembly of Excavator SRs (H) 1050.23/2.0

    REK Bitola – 2009, 2010
    Performed electro-mechanical assembly of Excavator SRs(H) 1050.23/2.0 on site in Mine Suvodol, REK Bitola.




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  • Electro-mechanical assembly of Conveyer A2Rs (B) 5500.60

    REK Bitola – 2009
    Successfully performed electro-mechanical assembly of Conveyer A2 Rs-B 5500.60 on site in power plant, REK Bitola




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  • Reconditioning of ZAMECH
    13K 125 Turbine

    REK Oslomej – Reconditioning 2009
    During the regular yearly reconditioning in 2009, it was performed a reconditioning of turbine in REK Oslomej, Kicevo




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  • New Machine Hall Assembly

    HPP Matka – Reconditioning 2007, 2008.
    During the period from 2006 till 2008 it was performed acculturation of HPP Matka with construction of new machine hall and assembly of complete machine equipment.




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About ELTE

LogoEL TE Engineering is established in 1999. It is administrated in management style in well developed organized structure which dominant values and standards are constantly evolved and become relatively sustained ensigns in the organization life.

EL TE is a company that is specialized in reconditioning, assembly and maintenance of equipment in energetic and mechanical engineering in wide scope of companies, starting with small companies to strategic energetic facilities.

ELTE Hidro

LogoEL TE Hydro is founded in 2010, formed by EL TE Engineering D.O.O. – Skopje. Its basic activity is planning and construction of small hydro-electrical plants in R.Macedonia


st. Zelevo 2/2-10
1000 Skopje
R. Macedonia

contact:(+389 2) 2033 453: 2033 473
fax: (+389 2) 2033 454