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The primary function of our company is assembly, manufacturing, reconstruction and revitalization of industrial and energetic objects.


Services that offer our company are:

  • Assembly of new gasification and petrochemical objects
  • Assembly of new equipment and mining installations
  • Building of new hydro plants
  • Reconditioning of installations in thermo plants and hydro plants
  • Reconditioning of petrochemical objects
  • Reconditioning of steam way boilers
  • Reconditioning and reconstruction of various kinds of high pressure containers with preparation of inspection elaborates
  • Construction of:
    • Pipe installations (steam, hydro, pneumatic, gas and other)
    • Insulation of pipe installations
    • Heating and installation (steam and hot water)
    • Various kinds of steel constructions
  • Welding of colored metals and specific steels (Argon, electric, gas)

The performance is conducted with a highly qualified team, with attested welders, quality and in compliance with pre-arranged work execution deadlines.
Our company owns certificate for quality ISO 9001:2015; ISO 14001:2015; ISO 45001:2018 which is our defined policy that we are holding by in every our project.

Info iconQUALITY POLICY: EL TE Engineering are committed to the system of managing quality and focused on developing of quality solutions for our clients during performing of reconditioning, assembly and maintenance of objects in energetic and mechanical engineering.
This is achieved through better and superior products and services, fast and prompt client support, technical expertise and competency, partnership with suppliers as well a leadership in industry in which we are operating.
We constantly follow and ascertain the satisfaction of our clients.
Our quality and business goals are defined to challenge and lead the company towards continuous progress, innovations and passion for achievement of better results.