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About ELTE engineering

EL TE Engineering is established in 1999. It is administrated in management style in well developed organized structure which dominant values and standards are constantly evolved and become relatively sustained ensigns in the organization life.

EL TE is a company that is specialized in reconditioning, assembly and maintenance of equipment in energetic and mechanical engineering in wide scope of companies, starting with small companies to strategic energetic facilities.
In wider, EL TE Engineering works on assembly of new gasification objects, new petrochemical objects, new mining equipment and installations, building new hydro plants. In the area of reconditioning activities EL TE Engineering works on installations reconditioning in thermo plants in R.Macedonia, present hydro plants and present petrochemical facilities, as well on reconditioning and maintenance of steam way boilers on large users in R.Macedonia.

Company basic activities are:

  • Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Reconditioning
  • Revitalization

On all kinds of industrial and energetic objects

Company's Quality Policy
Integrated Management System Policy

Company owns certificates for:

  • Certificate A for contractor of first category constructions
  • Certificate A for supervision of first category constructions
  • Certificate A for contraction design of first category constructions
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
ISO 9001:2008

EL TE Engineering has 70 (seventy) employees, with the following employee structure:

  • 2 (two) engineers – master of science,
  • 9 (nine) engineers,
  • 5 (five) economists,
  • 1 (one) head for on-site work,
  • 27 (twenty seven) specialized workers-machinists,
  • 18 (eighteen) welders,
  • 2 (two) construction machine handlers,
  • 3 (three) truck drivers,
  • 1 (one) electrical installer and
  • 2 (two) warehouse workers.

Info iconStrategy and Vision: Our work commitment is the key for our success and success of our clients.
To build a position of innovative offer of products and services with priority target of the following market segments: energetic infrastructure objects, small and intermediate companies.
Ensure continuous follow and growth of sale by increasing our presence on present markets, but also conquest regional markets.
Ensure continuous development that follows the latest achievements in technology.